Destinations in and around Dachau

Are you planning a sightseeing tour in Dachau? Or a day in the countryside with your children? Numerous destinations in and around Dachau can be reached quickly from the Hotel Lohauserhof

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Dachau, a city of artists

Discover numerous galleries in one of the most important European artists' cities at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, in just 15 minutes' drive.

Concentration Camp

Visit the reminder and memorial site in the east of Dachau. The Dachau concentration camp memorial can be reached in a good 10 minutes' drive.

Climbing park Jetzendorf

Pure action: the climbing park is a 5-minute drive away and is perfect for family excursions and all climbing enthusiasts of different levels.

Natural pool Vierkirchen

Built on the site of a former sewage treatment plant, the Vierkirchen natural pool today offers bathing pleasure on over 2000 square meters. It is only a few minutes by car or bike from our Lohauserhof.

Thermal spa Erding

Relaxation and adventure at the same time: the short vacation in the largest thermal bath in the world with adventure pool, spa and sauna world is only 40 minutes away.

Beer garden Mariabrunn

The next beer garden is not far: Those who stay with us can reach the famous Mariabrunn beer garden with a 5-minute drive.

Golf park Gut Häusern

Next to renowned golf tournaments, amateur golfers can also swing their irons at the golf park. Not to forget: the restaurant with fine cuisine at fair prices - a 10-minute drive.


Nature calls: hiking, cycling along or canoeing on the Amper to the famous Mariabrunn beer garden or to the north. Spend a day in the country.

Echinger See

Not only water rats will find what they are looking for here. The Echinger See area offers opportunities for swimming as well as hiking after a 20-minute drive.

Dachauer Moos

From Freising to Waldschwaigsee: Numerous hiking trails and bike tours for young and old are available around Dachau. Ask us!

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